Our offer

In our offer you will find:

1. Live snails:

  • Class I – weight 14-26g, the shell is rolled up, without damage.

  • Class II – weight 12-26g, not rolled up shell or visually worse looking (ideal for filleting).

All snails are emptied, washed and sealed in shells. We pack them in breathable nets of 5.1 kg or according to the recipient’s instructions. For transport we use plastic boxes, which are then placed on pallets.


2. Certified breeders:

  • Guaranteed survival of 97%

  • Selected, strongest individuals

  • In the last cycle of development, supplemented with a specialized vitamin mix

3. Baby snails:

  • Guaranteed survival of 99%

  • Placed in cuvettes with soil of appropriate pH and humidity

  • After hatching fed with a specialized starter foods

4. Accessories and technological solutions:

  • Reproduction tables

  • Electric shepherds

  • Fences

  • Water washers

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers

  • Hayracks

  • Boxes

  • Nets

5. Food:

  • For breeders

  • For baby snails

  • For target fattening

  • Vitamin mixtures

6. Training and counseling

  • Theoretical training (10h)

  • Practical training in reproduction (5h)

  • Practical training in the field of fattening (3h)

  • Practical training in the field of target fattening (3h)


For pricing and other terms and conditions please contact us by phone or e-mail.