About us

The “Polish Snail Farm” brand was created in 2012, when we decided to take part in a series of training courses in the field of snail farming. Our farm is located in the small town of Suwałki belonging to the so called Green Lungs of Poland. These are unique natural sites, located in the north-eastern part of Poland. The immediate vicinity of the Wigry National Park and the Czarna Hańcza River provide ideal conditions for the natural and sustainable development of fattening.

We do not use any fertilizers or pesticides in the farm. We use only certified embryo material and the feed, we administer to the snails is completely natural, without artificial additives and preservatives.



We do not use fertilizers or pesticides in breeding. Our land has ecological status, so we are able to provide you with the highest quality products. For the fattening we use only the food with an advanced composition, so the meat of our snails is highly valued for its exceptional delicacy and taste.


In spite of several years of experience in breeding, we continue to expand our knowledge. Several times a year we participate in training workshops as well as in thematic meetings with other breeders. We explore our knowledge about the biology and the life of different snail species and exchange our own remarks on it.


In every free time we work on improvements. We want our work to be as effective as possible and the final product to meet the expectations of our customers. We have developed a series of authorizations that allow us to significantly improve the breeding cycle, from reproduction to harvesting and transport.


Days of farming